Look out Wool rugs-Here comes the wool moth

Hundreds of wool rugs will be eaten by moths this May in Victoria BC. 

April 2014…The clothes case making moth and webbing moth eat the fibers of wool rugs causing expensive repair costs or lost of a treasured rug. It is the larva of the moths that eat away at your rugs. They thrive in dark, dirty and undisturbed areas, which include closets, attics, under furniture and even underneath your rugs. The female can lay 50 to 100 eggs and they all hatch, it depends on the size of the food source if they all survive.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts, Master Rug Cleaner and team leader at Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC Canada, says “This is the biggest outbreak of moth infested rugs that we have seen in years and I suspect it is because of less pesticides in the environment.” Until June 30, 2014 Luv-A-Rug is doing no obligation free moth inspections in Victoria BC.

How to Spot Moth Damage

  • you notice missing tufts of wool
  • you see what looks and feels like course sand in or under your rug
  • you see what looks like rice shaped fluff, i.e.: larva casings
  • you notice small (1/2 inch) golden moths fluttering near wool items
  • you start to see the white foundation cotton on the back of your rug (see picture)

early moth damage






The picture below shows the larva casings, excrement (blue sand dirt) Moth Casings, with severe moth damage to a fine wool rug
Severe moth casings and excrement on stored rug






 How to Prevent Moth Damage
Here are 6 ways to prevent moths from finding your wool area rugs appealing:

  1. Get your rugs cleaned by a professional rug cleaner every 1-2 yrs.
  2. Get pet urine accidents professionally cleaned right away, moths love pet urine.
  3. Vacuum your rugs top and bottom. By vacuuming your rugs upside down you can eliminate up to 3 times of hidden dirt and check for hidden moth damage
  4. Getting your air ducts and vents cleaned before using them eliminates a hidden food source for moths.
  5. Cleaning all wool items before storing them and storing them properly
  6. Vacuuming your entire rug at least once a month, this includes the backside of rug and under furniture.

What to do if you find Moths
Even with the best cleaning regime, moths may still find their way to your wool rugs. If you find that moths have started eating your wool rug there are things you can do to prevent them from spreading to other rugs, clothes and blankets.

  • First roll up the infected rug, if possible wrap it in an old sheet or plastic bag and remove it from your home and call your professional rug cleaners to get the rug in for cleaning and moth treatment
  • Vacuum where the rug was, including around baseboards, under furniture, and vents
  • Check all your wool items in your closet and storage to see if they have moth activity/damage
  • Get all your rugs professionally cleaned and treated for moths. The eggs are very small and it just takes one to do damage to your rugs.
  • Call a local licensed pest control if you have a large infestation or reoccurring issues
  • For small wool items, you can put the item in a plastic bag, squeeze out the air, seal the bag and put the bag in a deep freezer for one week. Remove item, keep it in the sealed bag, let it warm up to room temperature for a couple of days and put back into deep freezer for another week. Remove item and get it professionally cleaned.

About Luv-A-Rug

Luv-A-Rug is the only wool safe certified rug cleaner in Victoria BC. They have been expertly cleaning and repairing rugs for over 20 years. For more information check out their website www.luvarug.com

Do not wait until it is too late. Get your rugs checked out for moths NOW

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Are your rugs ready?

It is that time of year when we bring out the good china, the decorations and get ready to celebrate family and friends.

This weekend (Oct 12-15) is Canadian Thanksgiving and with that great turkey feast comes spills and extra traffic to your rugs. It is impossible stop spills from happening, but with a few tips it can make it easier to remove them and help them not to become permanent.

Here is some spill treatment tips:

  • Dry white cotton towels are your best-friends for absorbing spills. Also blot the spills DO NOT rub the spills.
  • Dry oatmeal and salt are also good absorbers of wet spills. Please don’t use baking soda, it can yellow wool.
  • Another good tip to have a separate serving area and  have the dining table for eating. We all know how full the table gets with all the dishes of food. Having separate tables for food dishes and eat may cut down on spill accidents.

Pets are another good source of spills during family gatherings. Keeping them away from the food can be tough, but too much turkey and fixings can cause them upset stomachs and with that comes the possibility of accidents.

When spills do happen keep the clean up simple with plain water, white cotton towels, dabbing, and staying clear of miracle spot cleaners and cleaners not made specifically for area rugs. For drink spills, especially red wine and coffee , keep the area damp until you can get your rug professionally cleaned, which should be with in 24-48 hours.

The longer a spill is on your rugs, the more likely it will become permanent.

Have a happy and spill free Thanksgiving Canadian and American alike.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary


Week 1 of Norton’s adventures at Luv-A-Rug

Neato Robotic Vacuum

Neato Robotic Vacuum

This is Norton our Neato Robotic Vacuum. Here is my report of his work for the week of Feb 26th to Mar 2nd. I have Norton set to vacuum our office carpeted floor every night at Midnight.




Enorton dirt1very day I check his little dirt bin
Here is what he vacuums up every day. This fills his bin about 2/3 full so I need to empty it every day. Once his bin gets full he stops working and beeps that his dust bin and filter needs to be emptied. It is very nice that the makers of Norton made him very polite. He says Please and Thank you, and asks nicely to put him back on the floor if you pick him up.

So far Norton has done a very good job. It is amazing that he has the room memorized and doesn’t go any where we don’t want him to go. He comes with a magnetic strip that we laid out to prevent him from going to certain areas. Norton doesn’t cross the magnetic strip, he goes up to it and turns around and continues on his job.

Norton is perfect for tiding up everyday, but he doesn’t replace a thorough cleaning. Just because he gets the loos dirt every day, doesn’t mean you will never have to clean your floors again. That would be like saying that you brush your hair you don’t have to clean it. A robotic vacuum is good for floor maintenance.

Thanks for following Norton’s adventures

Our Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Chronicles

This is “Norton” our Neato Robotic Vacuum.  We will be using him on a daily basis for the next month or so.


I will start this off by telling why I named our robotic inanimate Norton. I needed to write something better than robotic vacuum all the time and plus naming things is fun. I looked at the vacuum one day and the named jumped into my head… Norton the Neato Robotic Vacuum was born.


The first thing that needs to be done is he needs his clock set and a scheduled time we want him to vacuum. I set it for midnight every night. Next is to set up a place to keep his charging base, so he can always find it when he is done vacuuming. Norton will let you know if his dirt bin needs to be cleaned out, if he needs charging, and knows when you pick him up.

I will chronicle Norton’s activity throughout the coming weeks to let you know if he is doing his job well, and how happy I am with his performance. I hope you will follow along with Norton’s journey.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Tips for buying Secondhand area rugs

Buying a rug secondhand, either from a thrift shop, garage sale, an online classified site or an auction house, is a great way to save money. That is until you find out it wasn’t such a great deal after all. Here is a video of a secondhand rug bought at a Antique shop that had a smelly secret.

Now I would love to say that this is a one in a million scenario, but it isn’t. In my five years at Luv-A-Rug Services, I have seen many secondhand rugs with hidden issues. Just today a lady brought in two wool braided rugs that she bought secondhand for $40.00, but they had moth larva casings. The rugs had been in storage for 12 years before the owners decided to sell them. So her great find ended up costing her much more than she expected for cleaning and moth elimination.

I love that people sell their unused rugs instead of throwing them out, but at the end of the day it is still buyer beware. Some people may not know that their rugs have odour and stain issues because they live with the rugs every day or they have been in storage and such.

Here are some tips when looking to buy a secondhand rug from either online classifieds, a garage sale, auction house, friend or thrift shop:

  • Look at the rug in a bright light, take a flashlight with you when you look at the rug just in case the room is dimly lit
  • Look at the back of the rug for hidden stains, missing fibers due to moth damage, and pet stains
  • Smell the rug, your nose is always better than your eyes for finding odours. Pets usually mark the corners of rugs and near furniture legs. Also if the rug has a cotton backing it is good to check for odours. These hand tufted rugs can have an unpleasant smell because of the glue holding them together.
  • Don’t feel silly doing a thorough inspection of the rug, it may seem like a great deal until you discover it has a hidden issue

If you are looking at a secondhand rug to buy see if you can get it on loan for a day, or have a stipulation that you will buy the rug after it has been evaluated by Luv-A-Rug. We will also give you an honest evaluation about any rug you have. We let you know if the rug is cleanable, has any pet accidents or moth damage and go over any repairs the rug may need at no cost or obligation. I have had people call Luv-A-Rug when they were looking at rugs for sale on UsedVictoria or Craigslist to find out if the rug was worth buying. It is no problem for me to look up the website and item you are looking at and give you a professional opinion. Our number is 250-590-6210 or 800-886-2802 or bring the rug to 445 Beta St, off Alpha St (not Alpha Terr)

Buying secondhand rugs is always a good way to save money, but only if you are not getting hidden surprises. Always do a thorough inspection of the rug front and back in bright light, look for missing fibers and smell it for odours and this will save you money and headache.

Thanks or reading RugloverMary


Please make me like Shag Rugs

4 different synthetic Shag rugs

I, personally, have never understood the appeal of Shag rugs. I am not sure if it is because I didn’t grow up with shag carpet, or if I only see shag rugs at their worst, usually after a pet has used them as indoor bathrooms.

In the picture are four different types of shags and two came in with pet accidents on them.  Most shag rugs get tossed because once it is discovered that Sparky has been using it as a indoor bathroom it is very saturated with urine. Another reason a lot of Shags get replaced is that they can never look new after being used for a year or 2 without being cleaned.

I call Shag rugs the Divas of the rug world. They are very high maintenance, they need to be vacuumed once a week front and back. To vacuum the front use the crevice tool or furniture brush attachment to get the deep down dirt out. The back can be vacuumed as you would any other rug or carpet. Here is my video showing how to effectively vacuum a shag rug

Shags need to be cleaned professionally once a year, if you think you can go longer than a year move the coffee table and see the difference in where it has been walked on and not walked on.

I know from seeing hundreds of  shags that pets like to use them as indoor bathrooms. From my experience it doesn’t matter the age of your pet or how well trained they are, they always seem to go on the shag. When they get upset, or sick, or just really need to go they will find your shag rug. To see if your pet has peed on your shag rugs or any rugs look at the back of the rug. If you see and spots that look like yellow water marks smell them. Another tip is if you do catch your pet peeing on your rugs it probably isn’t the first time they have done it.

Shag rugs trap in a lot of loose dirt, allergens and crumbs just like wall to wall carpet does. Most people have replaced their wall to wall with a shag rug, but they does the same thing. It is really hard to get every last piece loose dirt out of shags because the fibers lay down and trap it. Shag rugs do not seem to be a good choice for allergy sufferers or people with any breathing issues.

Honestly I am hoping that after people have had to replace  a few shags that they will stop buying them and therefore they will fade again into the 70′s. Until they make a shag rug that can look clean after years of use, vacuum easily and last for more tan a couple of years.

My reason for not liking Shag rugs are:

  • They don’t clean up after years of use
  • pets like to use them as indoor bathrooms
  • they are cheaper to replace than to clean
  • they look messy, I have OCD and I like things to look orderly and tidy
  • they only seem to be made in several shades cream and tan, at least in Victoria BC
  • they always have dirt in them
  • they are not made to last more than a few years before breaking down and looking awful
  • they shed just like a dog
  • I am not sentimental over them

After reading this post I ask you again to give me a reason to like shag rugs? I look forward to your reasons.

Thanks for reading RugloverMary


When is a rug too worn out to keep?

For our first post on our newest blog I decided to answer a popular question:

“When is a rug too worn out to keep and clean?”

We get this question a lot at Luv-A-Rug and we give an honest answer, Our answer is this:

“Do you like the rug and Why do you like it?”

Just because your rug has seen better days, doesn’t mean that with some TLC. With a good deep professional cleaning and a little repair your rug can be usable for many more years.

Here is a video of a rug that had very little pile left on it, we cleaned it and trimmed it down to a smaller size for future use.

Here is what the rug looked like after cleaning and trimmed to a new smaller size

You can see rugs can be used well past when most of us would use them. As long as a rug has usable areas with no stains or odours there is a way to still use rugs. Some rugs can be turned into wall art by hanging or framing them, some can be turned into a new cover for a chair, pillows or ottoman.

When you really love a rug there are ways to still use the rug. Bring your worn out rugs to Luv-A-Rug at 445 Beta St, off Alpha St, Victoria BC or callus at 250-590-6210/ 800-886-2802  and we will give you an honest estimate and options for repair or uses.

Thanks for reading RugloverMary